25 December 2017

MIM Community Congress successfully finished 2017 and showed the new trends for 2018.

The participants discussed the new world, the new businesses, and new people. During the day the participants discussed the changes of 2017, new ways of handling those changes, new economy and new businesses and personal effectiveness of leaders under the new conditions. In particular, the humans’ role in the world of robots triggered one of the most heated discussions.

The Congress participants came to the conclusion that human aspect of doing business, human being centered approach to management, the human-friendly business environment would remain priorities which would help to strike a balance with robotization and digitalization.

MIM’s alumni together with guest experts and managers from the very diverse areas of activities spoke to their peers. Such prominent management consultants as Oksana Semenyuk, Andriy Stanchenko, and Natalia Volkova shared the floor with such new economy leaders as Denis Dovgopoly, Olexandr Olshansky, and Yevhen Leng. Anatoly Amelin, known for his analytics, Olexiy Dolgikh, and Serhiy Marchenko, the highly reputed recruiters and headhunters, Ihor Bilyts, one of the most popular stage directors and founder of the Bilyts Creative Development Center discussed the newest developments of their trades with MIM people. Igor Smilyansky, Director General for the Ukrposhta (postal service governmental company) was the keynote speaker at the event.

Daria Manzharova, Alumni Relations Director said, “The world is changing rapidly nowadays. We are trying to become a platform for transformations for our students and alumni. We are the place to learn first-hand about the newest trends on one hand, and help cope with the shocks of future on the other hand. We are creating the environment which supports the changes and boosts up adaptability to the new brave world. It is necessary for the world where changes are the only constant factor.”

The MIM Business School is proud that its community businesses sponsored the event. Special thanks to Молоко від фермера, Податки України, Syntegra, LOOK in AR, Морський дім, Siesta, Education HUB, and to MBA class of 2007!