High Performance without Burning-Out: Myth or Reality?

25 October 2017

MIM hosted coaching workshop on professional burning out on October, 23. Natalia Romanenko, certified coach and president of the Ukrainian Chapter of the European Coach Federation was a keynote speaker.

Relentless competition, on-going changes in the marketplace and industries’ innovations are tough on people. Balancing life and work, reducing stress, and having some rest without losing the competition is a real challenge for everyone. When striking a balance fails, people suffer burnouts.
Here is the burnout ranking:
1. Top management. Nearly 98% of top managers suffer from serious stress;
2. Dealing with people. Salespeople, HRs, lawyers, and all others who deal with people. Human interaction is a stress itself but when it pairs with responsibilities or much work or lack of rewards it becomes the perfect burnout driver;
3. Processes. No obvious rewards and mundaneness may kill any joy related to work.
4. Victimization. People who suffering and tend to victimize themselves can make a hell of any activities;
5. Negativity. Those who always complain and pay attention to weak spots are among those who are risking burnout the most.
Why do we suffer from burnouts? The top-list of reasons includes:
1. Combination of multitasking, too many assignments, and short deadlines;
2. Workplace conflicts;
3. Authoritarianism, no feedback, unspecified job descriptions, and emotional pressure;
4. No work-life balance.
You are suffering a burnout if you are:
1. Chronically tired and emotionally depleted;
2. Procrastinating and pencil pushing;
3. Either go ballistic or stay passive and indifferent.
Burnout is different from prima donna - ing. It is a problem which needs and could be taken care of. There are developed instruments and strategies for self-regulation and recovery. The most popular of them are Balance Wheel and Personal Goal Mapping. However, self-reflection is probably the most important things as it shows when the situation needs to be corrected.