10 January 2018

The war for talent is on, transparency is growing, businesses’ human beings focus is sharpening, life-long learning importance is increasing and companies’ networks/communities are on the rise. People are learning fast, fearing their inadequacy, and developing flexibility, enhancing their integrity and tolerance and are going green. That what MIM Community Congress speakers are expecting from business in 2018.

Іgor Smelyansky, acting CEO for the UkrPoshta (National Post Company)
• The role of human capital will increase. The war for talent is waged globally. Employers are doing their best to create interesting assignments and the best conditions for the best people.
• Digitalization and information exchange. Nowadays a person receives 54 times more information than 10 years ago. “Cleaning” information and making head or tail of information flows is going to be one of the most important trends.

Oksana Semenuk, CO- FOUNDER and CEO for the CHANGERS:
• Globalization 2.0. Global competition is different, economic power is shifting to Asia, and the new global middle class arises;
• Digitalization. Digitalized is seamlessly blending with our lives and we are changing our modus vivendi. The answer to the challenge is learning and practicing, forming mini- and macro-networks able to revitalize and create content. MIM is a wonderful community and the network which can and will continue bringing people together, help them learn and practice.

Vyacheslav Pokotylo, vice-president for MIM, professor at management and economics department:
• I don’t see any critical changes coming in 2018 unless one believes that the new iPhone version or bitcoin rates or inflation with the political scandals in Ukraine are critical changes. I’d like to specially mention that such steadiness of the current economic, technological, political or social trends is good for Ukraine in short-term. At least businesses can go on and hope for the growth next year following the global economy.

Alexey Dolgikh, managing partner for the Boyden Global Executive Search:
• Ukrainian and governmentally owned companies are reinforcing their influence in the jobs market. They are often offering higher salaries;
• Applicants’ are expecting better remuneration and that affects the market. Businesses are balancing their interests and workforce financial expectations.
Serhii Marchenko, founder of the “Recruiting of the Future”, labor market expert:
• Talent or rather labor shortage. In 2018 we have three upcoming trends combined e.g. economy is growing, international investors are working in Ukraine and EU labor migration rules are loosening. The combination affects the market and talent shortage will grow dramatically;
• Those who actively manage HR, namely develop loyalty programs for their people, update remuneration packages or develop corporate culture and employers’ brands will thrive.

Ihor Kabuzenko, Ward Howell:
• Life-long learning is the key. MBA degree is a good foundation for those business leaders who want to develop themselves in order to stay current or ahead;
• If business-leaders have their goals they should cascade their development needs and implemented them quickly because everything changing fast, even goals.
Denys Dovgopoly, managing partner of the BVU Group and co-founder of the GrowthUP, first Ukrainian business accelerator for hi-tech startups:
• Everything related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Nobody knows what’s next but we’d better keep an eye on that;
• 2018 will be a year of the artificial intelligence (AI). It will blend into traditional businesses and those who embrace it will get a competitive edge. AI will analyze everything related to big data. AI decisions will be better than those of by the best marketing teams.

Andriy Stanchenko, CEO of the NRG, management consultant:
• Environmental and green will be the name of the game. Other ones are long-term environmental responsibility;
• Gender discrimination may affect nations’ economic development. The role of women is changing dramatically. The more civilized is the country the more changes in their attitude toward women’s rights.

Anatoly Amelin, venture capitalist founder of the Ukrainian Institute for the Future Think-Tank:
• No dramatic economic growth will happen. It is a year before the national elections which is the wrong time to expect investments. Secondly, an uncontrolled default may happen. Much depend on the Cabinet of Ministers’ decisions. We depend on the IMF aid. Investors are well aware of that. The default may result in decreasing assets costs which will attract investors;
• Global trends. There is a new Federal Reserve System chairperson in the US. The Feds rate will reinforce the dollar. The US is enhancing their protectionism policy. The stronger the dollar the cheaper are the resources. Nearly 80% of our exports are natural resources. Currency incoming flow may suffer. We need to create the new economy to overcome our resource “curse”. A new economy is resulting from the rule of law, right protection, especially ownership rights protection. Ukrainian businesses should take more responsibility and our government should improve the investment climate.

Ihor Bilyts, stage director and founder of the BilytsArtCentre:
• People are getting smarter. “Eco” is not getting profitable rather than merely a buzzword. I am in “eco psycho”. Going eco in everyday lives is a part of our everyday routines. It is not about the bottom line anymore. Public wants to see people behind the numbers. Robotization is the result of the human race for happiness. We love socializing, nice people and doing socially useful things. That is why we are “going robots”. Thus, the trend is humanization: people are interested in your work and your personality.
• Secondly, flexibility. You can change your job, your area, your line, whatever you want! Most of those changers made a success. Why? Because of their flexibility. You need to change fast and get rid of your biases. First, shape your personality and make your job the part of it. If you don’t like it – change again and don’t be afraid!

Natali Volkova, Chief Culture Officer, Die Kulturträger:
• Transparency. People are trying to be honest, learn about what they really want, speak openly about injustice and master courage to be different. Not meeting a standard is the new standard which reveals personality. We are expecting companies’ transparency and integrity. Talking openly about what used to be a taboo is here and it leads to tolerance and respect;
• Skills shaping. Being informed is not enough in the fast-changing world. Chaos survival or even chaos thriving skills such as to adapt quickly, to process much information, to work in cross-functional and cross-functional teams, to manage own attention, etc. are needed. 2018 will see new educating undertakings of all sorts which will be helping to develop those skills. In future companies will recruit people based on their skills rather than their working experiences.