Marketing Café Discusses Digitals’ KPIs

25 April 2018

How do we assess digital people performance? How to set objectives? What are success criteria? Those were the questions to discuss at "Digital Marketing Spec: Employee or Service?”, MIM’s regular Marketing Café meeting.

Yevhen Kudryavchenko, founder of the Vintage Web Production and Hanna Myckolayeva, media head of the Havas Group were keynote speakers. Dr. Oleksiy Vynogradov moderated the event. The meeting itself was digitalized as well as people from Odessa joined the discussion with the help of the newest technologies.

Outsource digital promotion or do it in-house was the focal point of discussion. On one hand, experts able to use all digital instruments are scarce and expensive. If outsourced, necessary expertise is more versatile and cheaper. On the other hand, in-house specialists may be more efficient when budgets are big enough. Correct KPIs are also important for that.

Another discussion point was the relevance of digital for non-e businesses. All participants came to the conclusion that nowadays digital is an infrastructure of business rather than external factor.