Learning How to Do Business American Style

25 June 2017

This year MBA class visited the Tepper Business School at the Carnegie Mellon University, the US for its international module. Carnegie Mellon has been MIM’s partner for more than 20 years. This year module was focused on innovations which drive development of businesses.

“As usual our program started with the regulatory framework. Many of our students were surprised at ease of doing business,” Ms. Valentyna Demianenko, the Director of the Center of the Innovative Learning Technologies and professor of the Management and Economics Department said.

The students visited the number of service companies and discussed their experiences, market strategies and innovations which are critical for staying ahead of competition.
“The visit to the Uber office and their driveless cars testing track stunned me,” Mr. Dmytro Androsov, one of the visit participants shared his experience. “In fact city streets with all its lights, pedestrians, other vehicles, etc. was recreated on the track. All the tests are about collecting information on the reaction to obstacles for processing and incorporating new features. Not only we learnt about the technologies, but also saw the video of the first commercial driveless truck mission. Tomorrow is here, at our doorstep.”