Team Marketing

Why the DC Link Group commissioned MIM-Kyiv’s program for its people

15 June 2020

50 managers from the marketing, purchase, and sales departments of the DC Link Group, the distributor of the IT equipment, and home appliances by the prominent manufacturers started studying at MIM-Kyiv marketing-oriented program.

Natalia Butenko, Head of Marketing for the DC Link Group explained why they decided on the marketing program and how the program enhances cross-functional activities and thus affects the performance:

Any good business is about profit. That’s why employees should work to generate profit and to make it peak at best. Marketing is grease keeping the wheels of business turning.

That’s why we decided on a marketing program for our employees. We want them to understand how it works. Altogether 50 people, both seasoned marketers who need to refresh their knowledge and skills and those who are new to marketing from sales, purchases, and marketing will take the tailored program at MIM-Kyiv.

The Marketing-sales-purchases triangle is important for businesses. All those operating in those areas should understand how that triangle works. Marketing is a link between other functions. They bring together purchasers who are at the input stage of any business. They have to follow market trends, understand customers’ demands, and know suppliers offer in and out to understand what they need to buy. Salespeople are at the output of any business where they interact with the customers. They also need knowledge of the market trends, customers’ demands, and suppliers’ offers.

Traditionally, marketing and sales are wide apart in Ukrainian businesses. They don’t seem to see eye to eye. I’m sure it is wrong.

People from those three areas need to understand the roles of each other as well as the importance of each element for the business. Education comes handy here. We hope that studies at MIM-Kyiv will improve the team’s morale and create a shared understanding of the final results. Moreover, we believe that the program will switch the spirit of competition from inside to the outer world.

In the first place, I expect internal communication in the marketing-sales-purchases triangle to improve. After studies at MIM-Kyiv, we will speak the same language. It is good for business.