Quick Wins of corpoate programs

22 November 2018

“Quick Win” called MIM’s corporate program for 30 managers of the HarvEast Mr. Dmytro Skornyakov, the company’s CEO. “Good return on investment,” he added.

When awarding the certificates of completion to the management of one of the biggest agriholdings in Ukraine. Prof. Iryna Tykhomyrova said in her address to new alumni, “We are welcoming you in our close-knit community of more than 16 thousand successful business people. Any long-term business success is the result of mutual trust and respect. You as members of MIM’s community are assumed to be trustworthy of doing business with. Academically wise you are as trustworthy as business-wise because of the IQA or International Quality Accreditation. It means that all 18 ECST credits will be accounted for if you decide on studying at any of the European university or business school.”
“In my opinion, there are only two Ukrainian business schools which offer the quality product. MIM is one of them. I especially appreciated MIM’s approach to final projects. It was a good chance for our people to apply their newly-acquired skills to the real-life projects aimed at improvement of the company’s performance. Moreover, it did not take ages, so I am sure that such programs are true quick wins. I am looking forward to the implementation of those projects,” Mr. Skornyakov said.

“MIM’s programs help people at any level of corporate hierarchies to understand what else they need to master to develop their careers. That makes the programs valuable. I personally liked how MIM streamlined my experience, enhanced my flexibility, and thus, helped me improve my performance,” Ms. Natalia Lehka, HarvEast PR manager and the program graduate said.

“We concentrated on making the most of the company’s HR potential and on building the team. Therefore we decided on consulting projects from the very beginning. The projects were about digitalization, KPIs, logistics, etc. For us it is the best proof that we did things right because people’s involvement makes businesses successful,” Prof. Tykhomyrova said.