Corporate Program for Mobile Provider

29 April 2019

On April 25 managers from the Kyivstar, one of Ukrainian top mobile providers were awarded certificates.

This is the second program tailor-made for the company’s managers by MIM-Kyiv. Traditionally, the program included a substantial share of independent students’ activities aimed at solving the company’s real-life problems. 6 groups presented their consulting projects to Kyivstar’s management and MIM-Kyiv’s faculty.

“The program was as much about developing horizontal contact as it was about mastering the new skills,” Prof. Oleksiy Vynogradov, MIM-Kyiv’s Vice President says.

Oksana Oliynyk, the HR and organization development director of the Kyivstar mentioned that cooperation with MIM-Kyiv helped her to understand better how to develop the companies’ management. “MIM offers programs with very practical, reliable and contemporary outcomes. Due to those programs with their highly practical consulting projects elements our people better understand the nature of managerial work and whereas we better understand how to develop our people,” she says.

Olga Smyslonova, retail chain director and mentor of one of the projects said that all projects were doable and feasible. Inna Lazareva, head of the recruitment unit shared her opinion about the program: “It is our second program with MIM-Kyiv. Our people mastered many practical and versatile skills and knowledge. They enhanced their teamwork skills and learned a lot about the business. I strongly believe in doing projects because it is a good chance to apply new knowledge and skills to deal with real-life issues.”

MIM-Kyiv welcomes all new graduates and hopes for further cooperation with the Kyivstar.