MIM’s Second Program for the National Bank of Ukraine Is Successfully Over

14 December 2018

Fifteen candidates for the NBU (Central Bank) leadership positions were awarded Certificates of Completion of the management development program which MIM especially designed for the NBU on December 11, 2018.

“Each program makes our organization stronger, more flexible, and better equipped for the challenges it faces,” Mr. Kateryna Rozhkova, first deputy of the NBU’s Chairperson and MIM’s MBA 1999 said.

Prof. Iryna Tykhomurova, MIM’s president in her welcome speech mentioned that development of the ambassadors of the new managerial approaches to the public sector was very daring tasks both for MIM’s professors and the NBU leadership. “MIM was one of those who assisted in development of the Ukrainian banking system. In noughties our alumni hold executive positions in practically each commercial bank. We are proud to continue taking part in the most current projects which drive our country’s development,” Prof. Tykhomyrova explained.

Ms. Olga Prokhorenko, NBU’s HR department director believes that “Each public agency is similar to any big company. They must have strategy, be good at communications, and have good leadership. I am sure that those governmental agencies which fail do that because they are trying to something unique for the public service. It is nonsense.”
In Ms. Yulia Malysh’s, one of the HR department managers opinion, MIM gives the best value for money. She thinks it is MIM’s faculty who make the best of the school. She said “MIM’s professors are truly professional. They combine deep knowledge, pedagogical competences and profound practical experience. Secondly, they are well-organized, flexible and aiming at giving the best to the students. Moreover, even corporate programs graduates join MIM’s alumni community.”

This year NBU class demonstrated excellent results in Global Management Game simulation. Ms. Valentyna Demianenko, Director, Director of Innovative Teaching Technologies Center mentioned that all participants demonstrated deep analytical thinking abilities, creativity, and efficient decision making under uncertain conditions.

Mr. Serhii Savulyak, the NBU program graduate explained “The program changed the perspective. After the program I see opportunities rather than problems. Those kind of personal transformations are extremely valuable.”

Mr. Anton Hrui, another NBU program graduate said “I will definitely remember and apply good presentation principles I learnt from Dmytro Rosenfeld. I will also remember that unless you manage risks, the risks manage you.”