Marketing and PR Experts Talk at MIM

18 September 2017

September was a marketing and PR month for MIM. Two prominent Ukrainian experts of the industry conducted their masterclasses. At first, Valentyn Kalashnyk, founder of the OSD Group and Lidia Havryschuk, its intellectual project manager discussed loyalty issues. Later Andriy Kashpur, founder and CEO of Kascom agency conducted a masterclass on reputation with the use of SW ReaLity technique.

“Know your client” was the main takeaway from the loyalty master class. The need to incorporate loyalty development activities into business processes and to nurture relations with them was other important takeaways.

The PR event was about roleplaying the conflict situation with the teams representing the whole range of stakeholders. Discussions and presentations were strictly limited for time. The main lessons ranged from understanding instrumentality of a reputation to realizing how important to underpin the communications with real business strategies, solutions and measures.