Teaching your people is the only way to performance improvement

24 September 2019

Yevhen Lemesh, HR director for the Terrasoft Company said about MIM-Kyiv corporate program said

On September 23 MIM-Kyiv launched its tailor-made program for Terrasoft company, a global software company leading in the space of business process automation and CRM. Katherine Kostereva, CEO and Managing Partner of the company is MIM-Kyiv MBA 2000. 

It is a 4-month long program designed to meet the needs of 35 middle and top managers from Kyiv, Moscow and Boston offices of the company. 

“We would like to hone our management team managerial skills. According to the latest HR approaches value fit of companies and employees is critical and enables nurturing managerial talent. We want to make our managers fit for growing our business in the long-term perspective. It is the main objective of our project with MIM-Kyiv,” Yevhen Lemesh, Terrasoft HR director. He strongly believes that developing people is the only way to improve companies’ performance.

Yevhen mentioned that quality management education market was rather small in Ukraine. MIM-Kyiv is the best. 

“So far we had numerous in-house trainings. But all of them were targeting specific issues. It turned out that our people have excellent puzzles collection but no clue how to make pictures. We concluded that we need to select among those people who we’ve been investing in for several years and offer them a program which is instrumental in developing the comprehensive and consistent vision of the business,” Yevhen explained. 

Prof. Iryna Tykhomyrova, MIM’s president especially mentioned that practicality is critical for business education. “Here we are offering things which you could apply from the day one,” Prof. Tykhomyrova said. It is only natural that the program like any other corporate program finishes with the projects commissioned by the companies.