Scrum, Lean, Kanban and Other Buzz Words

19 September 2017

Business Workshops Series hosted the discussion on Scrum, Lean, Kanban and Agile to better understand the rationale behind them. 2017

On September 18 Business Workshops hosted the discussion on the widely used concepts of Scrum, Lean, Kanban and Agile. Andriy Pavlenko, Agile expert and Scrum trainer talked on them in detail.

Topics of the discussion:
• How Agile differs from Scrum? Do businesses really need all those?;
• How to implement Scrum? People, management and processes;
• Agile Fundamentals.

What are Agile and Scrum about?
Agile and Lean are philosophies underpinning flexible and adaptive management. It is a set of values, principles and attitudes. Scrum, Kanban, DaD, and SAFe are approaches within Agile philosophy.

Lean techniques are similar as they are meant to solve the same problems. However, their tools are different. It is important to mention that Scrum is rather a framework than an algorithm. It requires fundamental techniques and additional Scrum instruments. It is important to remember that the approach should be adapted to your business needs.

Is It a Universal Remedy?
Of course not! Unless you are in highly competitive and highly creative environment, you’d better think twice whether you need it. Moreover, neither Scrum not Kanban work well with hierarchies.
Flexibility and adaptibility of Agile is mostly about having free hand in achieving results set by clients rather than logical sequences of processes. The clients’ goals are crucial but paths to them are not.

How does Scrum Work?
Here right people are critical. It requires highly competent, responsible and coordinated team able to work cross-functionally. Pace of work is another key factor together with business objectives which at certain point drive the pace.

In a word Lean and Agile are good for the teams with entrepreneurial spirit. MIM Business launches its AMP “Agile Management” program on November 10.