MIM Enters South Ukraine Market

29 September 2017

On September 28 MIM Business School launched its special Odesa PMD Pre-MBA program. For the first time the program delivery mode is tailored doing it outside Kyiv. Due to improved logistics the new program is available for the South of Ukraine, Moldova and Eastern Romania as well. BST Consulting, the most reputable Odesa consulting and training company is MIM’s marketing and logistics partner for the program.

The program’s content is similar that delivered in Kyiv. It lasts 6 months, consists of 11 2-days modules and delivered with the help of the CISCO Telepresence technology. Out of 11modules 2 are delivered at MIM, all the rest – in Odesa, at BST Consulting premises. Partially, MIM flies professors to Odesa.

Local entrepreneurs and top managers of regional agro, energy, hospitality and consulting companies joined the program. Mostly they want to systematize their experience and master the newest business practices.

“Odesa has been a very entrepreneurial city,” said Ihor Sokurenko, managing partner of the BST Consulting. “Trading, manufacturing, services and hospitality has always been big here. Now we are looking forward to multiply the entrepreneurial spirit by knowledge and professional approaches.”

Odesa Pre-MBA program is also instrumental in achieving the social cohesion in the region. Nearby Trans-Dniester remains a "grey" zone but people from there obtain more chances to integrate into the "normal" societies through studies at MIM. Not only they get exposed to the legally unrestricted business activities but also develop ties with Ukrainian, Moldovan and Romanian companies.