International Module in South Africa

14 June 2016

Second year SE MBA class visited the South Africa where the University of Stellenbosch Business School hosted their international module. “The place of disruption, endless opportunities and future happening today,” called the place Ms. Natalia Dankovich, Head of MIM-Kyiv’s Academic Programs Administration Office.

Academic part of the trip covered the following topics: entrepreneurial opportunities in the SAR, innovations, overall political and economic situation, business scenarios, environment-based strategies, SAR’s Adidas success story, change management African style and business infrastructure. Business part featured visits and discussions at the local companies which achieved success in domestic, African and global markets. Executives shared their experiences in running businesses, development and implementation of successful strategies, promotion tools, etc. Altogether the students identified differences and similarities in doing business. The class visited companies from different sectors ranging from financial services to manufacturing companies.

ABSA (Barclays Bank) presented their unique SME support program when the bank consults, coaches and integrates entrepreneurs into business environment. “Two-a-Day Group Ltd.”, a company growing fruits presented their business model, showed their manufacturing sites where the smartest life science technologies are being implemented. “Fair Cape Dairies”, another food processing company and a family business discussed CSR as a profit generating tool. “Solms Delta Wine Estate”, winery estate known for its social activities showcased their approaches to doing profitable agricultural business enrooted in local community empowerment. “Cipla”, one of the South Africa’s pharma market leaders introduced their strategy of entering the international markets to MIM-Kyiv’s students.

The academic and business parts of the program were complimented by the cultural tours, visits to natural wonders, and acquaintance with the South Africa traditions, music and history. “South Africa is like out of this world. It is wonderful,” said Mr. Serhiy Tsipovyaz, founder and CEO of conditioning installation firm and SE MBA student.