Little Things and Big Effects

03 November 2016

How did you feel when you last were buying something? Did you like how they smiled at you? Or your remark was neglected? How those little things at brands point of contact influence our “To buy or not to buy”? That was the focal point of the MIM’s Marketing Café meeting in early November.

Dr. Vadym Saveliev, Ms. Natalia Bukhalova, Mr. Olexandr Rabukhin, Prof. Oleksiy Vynogradov and Ms. Maryna Shuyan, MIM-Kyiv’s faculty and alumni and CEO for marketing agencies and sales companies facilitated the discussion and shared their own experience of how to reach the WOW effect in brand communications at brands’ contact points.

What works and what does not work? How to operate social media? Are deliberately created lines good or bad? After a 2-hour discussion they made some conclusions. First of all, you never know when customers interact with the brand. You’d better be prepare. Secondly, you need a system that works rather than individuals. And, thirdly you need to be ready re-invent things when what you are doing does not work any more.