Reputation Management Workshop

26 September 2017

On Septamber 20, Reputation Management Workshop was conducted at the MIM Business School. SW Reality technique developed by the Reputation Lab was demonstrated. Andriy Kashpur, owner of the Kascom Strategic Communications firm, founder and leader of the Reputation Lab, and author of books om PR moderated the event.

The technique employs a game when the case is considered from the view point of different stakeholders groups. To do so, teams of different stakeholders are formed. They develop and present their “side” of the case. 3 rounds of the game were played during workshop. Time for preparation of the case was limited to 10 minutes and presentation should have taken 1 minute. The case of the United Airlines overbooking was taken as an example.

The business game was fun due to the brainstorming atmosphere and experienced facilitator. Here are some ideas generated by the session.

Your history is your leverage. The better is your history, the more options you have. So, take care of your yesterday today and survive or thrive on tomorrow’s crisis.
Your modesty hinders your reputation. Know your strengths and talk a lot about them.

If you are thinking of today, think populism. If you are thinking about tomorrow, think and act strategy.