Synevo Program Successfully Accomplished

11 September 2017

In 2017, MIM delivered the generalized management program, which was complemented by the business communications course. As usual, the program encompassed a consulting project.

“We commission programs that are customized to develop our talent pool. Those who participate in the programs certainly improve their performance. They are not afraid of taking the initiative and generating new ideas, and overall they better understand how to run a business. MIM’s ability to transform professionals into managers is amazing. For example, we were ecstatic when our medical professionals began looking at laboratory operations from a marketing point of view,” Olga Kluchnikova, Synevo’s executive director, said. “MIM creates a very special environment, where a new generation of managers can thrive. They develop people and new approaches to running business. This is exactly what we need. That is exactly why our cooperation is not limited to the programs, but also in promoting new projects and joint activities.”