MIM Launches Book Club

17 December 2017

MIM assumes the role of the quality business literature ambassador.

At the first meeting Ukrainian translations of Luc De Brabandere’s and‎ Alan Iny’s book “THINKING IN NEW BOXES: A NEW PARADIGM FOR BUSINESS CREATIVITY” and Adam Alter’s “IRRESISTIBLE” were presented. MIM Business School together with the BookChef publishing house implemented the cooperation project resulted in the release of those books. They are new to the Ukrainian market. Moreover, for the first time, they are available in Ukrainian.

Vadym Saveliev, MIM’s professor, Maxim Bakhmatov, serial entrepreneur known for such very successful ventures as Unit.City, RadarTech, and VDNG cluster, Mykola Skavronsky, sales director for Synevo clinical labs chain, and Dmytro Derkach, co-founder of the “Planeta Kino” movie theaters chain were the speakers at the first meeting focusing on the unconventional business.

Having quality business literature available is critical for both business and academia people. As we all are overflown with information it is difficult to find relevant data. Therefore, books are still important as they provide quintessential knowledge. MIM is proud to be one of those places where people not only get what they need information wise. They also participate in the highly entertaining events where they could learn about the newest technologies and expand their networks.