NORVIK BANKA Financial Club Autumn Season Started

11 October 2017

Are Changes Coming for Bankers and Financiers?

As it became a tradition MIM hosted Norvik Banka Financial Club meeting. It was very much in line with the discussion started in spring which was mostly covering expected changes inspired by the European regulators. Norvik Banka’s top executes Oliver Bramwell, Chief Executive Officer, Denis Novikov, head of Capital Markets and Igor Rosanov, chairman of the NorvikIPS.

Oliver Bramwell specifically mentioned that they were covering topics which would be critical for immediate future. In particular, he talked about holacracy management. As any other management approach is not a universal remedy but rather a good method for startups and digital businesses.

Denis Novikov told the audience about MIFID 2, the new capital markets regulations. The MIFID is supposed to address better investors’ protection through their differentiation; to enhance transparency, and to reduce risks and opportunities for manipulating the markets.

Igor Rosanov discussed innovative banking and banking software development. On his opinion banking software could be developed by anyone, unlike the current situation when banking industry does it “in-house”. As a result, users could use an application to start multiple banking accounts, pay for their online shopping directly from their accounts, and even settle their payments with the help of social media accounts.

The experts and audience agreed that crucial changes are coming. Banking and financial industry will get more use- friendly.