New MIM’s Graduates from the National Bank Are Ready to Change National Banking Sector

10 December 2017

On December 6, the MIM Business School accomplished its very special project specially designed for the National Bank of Ukraine (Central Bank). 22 NBU employees defended their highly practical projects aimed at the NBU reform. The NBU governors and MIM’s faculty sat on the projects committee. Successful projects were among the main “deliverables” of the joint nine-month efforts of the NBU and MIM.

Successful experience proved the need for the special educational activities targeting the NBU’s talent pool. Olha Porkhomenko, the HR Director said, “I was privileged to work with my colleagues from the MIM. The applicability of the new knowledge and skills was demonstrated by the projects accomplished by our people. As an HR person, I strongly believe in the people’s development. The program gave each participant the chance to do that. All of them demonstrated considerable progress.”

The program was very challenging for the participants because they continued their work. Still, they all mentioned that the program delivery and administration had facilitated their studies. Tetiana Usachova, deputy director of financial controlling department spoke about her experience, “It was very difficult to find time for the studies when working. It was challenging, it was exciting, and it is my best investment so far. MIM’s teaching approaches were dramatically different from those typical for the classic university I graduated from. The studies called for involvement and long-term focus. Acquired knowledge and mastered skills are very applicable to what I do every day as a manager. Administration of the program went beyond all my expectations. Thank you, MIM!”

The program was developed and tailored to the needs of both the banking sector and public sector. The projects proved the right fit for the program. They dealt with the most pending problems of the banking system and offered good solutions for the credit policy, effective communication between the NBU and the general public, ABC of finance for young people, and building the trust to the national currency.