MIM Alumni Visited the Cabinet of Ministers…To Learn about the Innovative Business Process

11 April 2019

The office of Reform at the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and some other Departments use the Scrum and the Kanban Board to manage their processes.

On April 4, MIM’s students and alumni visited the Cabinet of Minister of Ukraine (CMU) to discuss expectations and needs of the business community. Not only they discussed problems but used the opportunity to let the public officials know about the most pending issues. However, the use of the Scrum and the Kanban Board impressed MIM’s people most of all.

Mr. Denis Shemyakin, from the team of Office of Reform in the Ministry of Economic Development and MIM’s MBA in PA 2017 graduate and Ms. Kateryna Spivakova from the Office of Reform and MIM’s MBA 2010  hosted the visit. Maxim Nefyodov, the First Deputy of the Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine participated in the discussion with MIM’s group. In particular, they talked about the sectors’ reforms. Other issues covered included public sector reform which was presented by Kyrylo Klimenko from the Office of Reforms and Ukraine NOW, the new creative brand of Ukraine that was presented Ms. Roksolana Stadnyk, from the PR department.

Visit to the CMU is a part of the company visits series. Earlier MIM’s alumni visited SUN InBev Ukraine, Lantmannen AXA, UNIT city, Film.ua, Ruukki, Salateira, just to mention a few. “I was happy to see how MIM’s community grow due to the active and innovative people,” Darya Mazharova, Alumni Relations Director said.