PMD Marketing and M&L Programs Kick Off

17 April 2018

Nearly 40 managers from all over Ukraine joined MIM’s PMD Marketing and PMD Management and Leadership programs this spring. The programs are targeting those experts in the related functions who want to master new approaches and techniques in their field, acquire skills needed for shaping the strategic vision and hone managerial skills. Learning how to deal with the people’s side of a business is another expected outcome of those programs.

Prof. Iryna Tykhomyrova in her welcome speech underlined the role of marketing in nowadays business world, “Recently, mostly finance people hold top posts in companies. Currently, marketers dominate c-level. This trend not only shows the increasing role of marketers but is also a good incentive for mastering managerial competencies.”
Dr. Oleksandr Sudarkin, the director of the PMD M&L explained its philosophy, “M&L program is not limited to teaching you useful things. It is about your personal development. Personal development paired with specialized knowledge in organizational behavior, managerial psychology, etc. will change you forever.”

Dr. Oleksiy Vynogradov, MIM’s VP (BD) explained why business was about the people, “Your partners and intermediaries, bosses and employees, competitors and colleagues, all of them impact what you do. Here is the place to establish your own network of connections which will remain with your through all your careers.”